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Unlike the many coaching colleges around, at Elite Tutoring College we do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach to tutoring.

We focus on providing highly personalised tuition, with small classes - typically 2 to 3 students per group - tailored specifically to each student's needs, rather than restricting students to an inflexible programme.

Please click here to learn about the importance of class size.

We specialise primarily in tutoring HSC grade students but also cater for Year 7 to Year 11 students, as well as adult and primary students. And although our specialty has traditionally been Japanese language, we also offer tuition in most other HSC subjects.

We DO NOT use university students to tutor in our college!

Many colleges use university students so that they can charge you slightly lower fees. Our main focus however is on quality. That's why our students get the best possible tuition and therefore the highest possible grades.

Ask yourself, is it worth it to get sub-standard tutoring for your child, just to save $5 or $10?

The highly-qualified tutors we have available have all been specially selected and come with extensive experience in their fields. Just use the menu to learn more about us and how we can help you excel!

Important News About Second Language
HSC Exams

Since 2001 the Department of Education has been progressively increasing the emphasis on English in second language HSC exams.

If your Japanese or Chinese langauge tutor is not preparing you for the relevant sections of the HSC curriculum in English, you will be unprepared for up to 65% of the HSC exam.



Subjects Available:

Japanese, English, ESL,
French, Italian, German,
Spanish, Chinese

Mathematics, Physics,
Chemsitry, Biology,
Engineering Studies,
General Science, UMAT,

Economics, Business
Studies, Legal Studies

Mathematics, English,
General Abilities

IMPORTANT Information:

Learn all about scaling
of HSC results by the

What you MUST know
about second language
HSC Exams

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20 May 2016